Friday, May 01, 2009

The New Children's Museum - 200 West Island Avenue

The New Children's Museum replaces the former children's museum. After many starts and fits and much fear that it would not come to pass the New Children's Museum is open for the children. It is a beautiful building topped with solar panels. Across from the main building their is a playground where children can draw on a huge wall with chalk. There is an old Volkswagen Bug that the children paint every day. There are wooden scooters that look like Segway scooters. The children also make objects with clay.

The info for the musuem is as follows:

200 West Island Avenue
San Diego, California 92101

Monday, 10am–4pm
Tuesday, 10am–4pm
Wednesday, closed
Thursday, 10am–6pm
Friday, 10am–4pm
Saturday, 10am–4pm
Sunday, 12pm–4pm

Target Free Second Sunday, 10am–4pm

Extended Summer Hours
Effective May 10
Monday, 9am–4pm
Tuesday, 9am–4pm
Wednesday closed
Thursday, 9am–6pm
Friday, 9am–4pm
Saturday, 9am–4pm

Adults and Children: $10
NCM Member: FREE
Children under one year: FREE
Seniors (65+): $5
Military (w/ ID): $5
We accept cash and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)

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